Welcome to Grand Caverns, America's Oldest Show Cave


Did you know?

Grand Caverns was discovered in 1804 by a trapper named Bernard Weyer and opened for public tours in 1806.

Grand Caverns is the oldest continually opened show cave in North America.

Grand Caverns is a National Natural Landmark.

Grand Caverns has over 200 rare ‘shield’ formations.

Grand Caverns was ranked the #2 cave in America by Parade Magazine.

Thomas Jefferson in his Notes on the State of Virginia published the earliest known American cave map in 1787, for Madison Cave which is on the same hillside as Grand Caverns.

There are hundreds of Civil War soldier’s signatures in Grand Caverns.

The rocks in Grand Caverns are constantly in a state of growth and a single touch can stop this process permanently.

Grand Caverns is a solutional cave meaning that it was formed by groundwater dissolving and eroding limestone forming a cave.

Caves take on the mean temperature of their location and Grand Caverns is 54°.

Virginia state and federal laws protect all caves.

Virginia’s caves range in size from a short crawlspace to over 20 miles of passages.

Cave formations are called speleothems.

Troglobites are animals which have adapted to live in total darkness.

Speleology is the scientific study of caves and their contents.

There are no bats in Virginia that suck blood, but they eat insects that do.

Bats are the only mammals that fly.

Bats use echolocation to navigate and find food in the darkness.

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